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This Is Your Carburetor On Ethanol !

This Is Your Carburetor on Ethanol

Ethanol  and Lawn Mowers


The Effects of Ethanol in Your Small Engine Carburetor

The Effects of Ethanol in Your Small Engine Carburetor

Ethanol fuel mixtures have “E” numbers which describe the percentage of ethanol fuel in the mixture by volume, for example, E85 is 85% anhydrous ethanol and 15% gasoline. Low-ethanol blends, from E5 to E25, although internationally the most common use of the term refers to the E10 blend.

Ethanol  Can Cause Corrosion

Ethanol  can cause corrosion of metal parts, including carburetors, degradation of plastic and rubber components.

Ethanol Attracts Water

Pure ethanol has a strong ability to absorb water from the atmosphere around it. This is true also of the blends made from pure ethanol and gasoline. Ethanol has such a strong attraction to water that chemical producers cannot even sell 100% pure ethanol – it is always 99.8% or less, because there will always be at least a tiny bit of water.

Ethanol Encourages Crud

Microbes like bacteria and fungi all need an accumulated water phase in order to grow and thrive in a fuel storage tank. The bacteria live in between the water and fuel, feeding off of both materials, growing and multiplying and giving off the harmful by-products of their life cycle.

Ethanol  separates from the gasoline and results in two layers of two different compounds, instead of a mixture of gasoline and ethanol. At this point the ethanol will sink below the gasoline phase and mix with any more accumulated water, making an ethanol-water mixture that sits on the bottom of the tank where the fuel pickup line is located.

Even Just A Little Ethanol Is Bad

The higher the ethanol content, the more severe the effects.