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Dispose of Old Lawn Mower

How To Dispose of Old Lawn Mower


Donate Lawn Mower

If your old lawn mower is still in good enough condition for someone else to use, you can probably donate it to a local charity.

Some organizations offer pickup of donated items, but refuse equipment that may be hazardous. Until the gasoline and oil is removed from a lawn mower, it is classified by most as hazardous. This does not mean all organizations will refuse your offer so keep trying.

Donating your old riding lawn mower or push mower is much more eco-friendly than just throwing it away.

Sell Old Lawn Mower

You can advertise a working mower for sale locally. Tell the potential buyers the year, condition, engine size, mower type, model number, and deck width.

Old Lawn Mower Recycling

Old Lown Mower Parts

If you’re buying a similar model you might want to keep a few extra parts around. You can also try to sell spare parts through local channels after you have broken it down for parts.