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Excell Power Washer Engine Repair: RATO R180

A customer dropped off an Excell pressure washer and said he could not get it to crank. The unit looked new. In fact the pressure washer line was still wrapped in the original wrappings. The washer is an Excell EPW1792500 and according to manufacturer’s specs, it is powered by a 179 cc (6 hp) engine, its axial cam pump can deliver a pressure of 2500 PSI. This engine is also used on some Homelite Pressure Washers.

179cc 4.5 HP Rato Engine R180-3

179cc 4.5 HP Rato Engine R180-3

The engine was eventually identified as a Rato R180-3 which is used by a large number of manufacturers. A little research revealed the engine is made by Chongqing Rato Power Co., Ltd. If you need a repair manual, you will find it here.

The owners’ manual is here.


  • Model R180-3
  • Engine Family BCRPS.1791GA
  • Power 4.5 HP
  • Disp. 179 cc.
  • Speed 3600 RPM
  • Start Recoil
  • Shaft Horizontal
  • Shaft 7/8″ dia. x 1-1/8″, w/3/16″ keyway, tapped 3/8-24
  • Mount 3-1/8″ x 6-3/8″
  • Accessory Mount 4 bolt, 3-5/8″ bolt circle
  • Fuel Tank 1 gallon
  • Size 15″ x 11″ x 13″
  • Shpg. 40 lbs.

I was not surprised to find old, stinky gas in the carburetor. After three uncessful attempts to clean the carburetor, another was ordered. If you are a DIY type, here is the Amazon link:

AISEN Carburetor Carb for Homelite Pressure Washer 179CC 180CC DJ165F 2700PSI 2.3GPM UT80522D

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