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Buying A Lawn Mower

Buying A Lawn Mower

A lot of times we find that our customers are in the market for a new lawn mower. They may just want something easier to start than their previous mower. Or maybe they need a smaller or larger mower. Whatever the case, here’s some tips to help you look for the best quality mower for the best price:

Lawn Mower Dealers

Most lawn mower dealers offer the same lawn mowers as the major box stores do, but with better customer and warranty support. The prices are either very similar or exactly the same as the box store. 

If you buy a mower from a box store, 9 times out of 10, if that mower needs service, you’ll have to take it to your local lawn mower dealer anyways. Why not buy it from them in the first place?

Of course if it is out of warranty or other circumstances require it, we’re ready to repair and service your mower.

Lawn Mower Dealer Reputation

It goes without saying that you need to ask around before purchasing anything nowadays. Word of mouth has always been the reward or curse of the retailer. Although Facebook posts are often posted in the heat of the moment, you may get ideas there. But one thing is for sure – if a friend confidently refers you to the business where they purchased their mower; that dealer more than likely is where you need to go.

Lawn Mower Reviews

There are dozens of consumer protection and review websites that publish reviews on lawn mowers and other garden equipment. Read the pros and cons of each feature. Look specifically for reviews that mention performance in difficult environments like thick or wet grass. Sometimes even engines with high horsepower ratings cannot cut the mustard in difficult conditions.

Don’t Forgo the Warranty

If you bought a $250 mower with a 2 year warranty and something major went wrong in 2-1/2 years, you’d be buying another mower. That’s more than $500 out of your pocket! $500 might be a serious commitment for a mower up front, but with an extended warranty, you’ll most likely find that your money was well spent.

This has not been exhaustive guide to buying a new lawn mower, but I hope that it’s helped you look a little closer at that next mower you might buy. 



Lawn Mower Decks

I have seen more running engines on inoperable decks than the other way around. Cast aluminum decks last much longer than steel, mainly because they don’t rust. Steel decks do rust, but they can still last for years if you take care of them – and none of us care for them like we should.


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