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Riding Lawn Mower Tire Repair

Riding lawn mowers use tubeless tires just like those on your auto. Unfortunatly, lawn mower tires are subjected to a much more difficult environment than the tires on your car. Can you imagine what your auto tires would look like after driving over sand, rocks, twigs and numerous other sharp objects? Most lawns are brutal on tires and mowers.

Fixing a flat tire on your riding lawn mower does not require removing the tire. Tire repair kits and tire sealant products are available at many local stores and are quite effective for making repairs on lawn mower tires. However, as I have insinuated before, putting lipstick on a pig only wastes the lipstick. If the tire is cracked or getting hard – replace the darn thing!

Please take my lead and shop locally. If we do not take care of our home-town businesses we are, in my opinion, harming our community. If you are in my area, Semmes Alabama, I recommend you pick up your tire repair kits and tools and Ace Hardware at 7380 Moffett Rd. If you are somewhere else, there is probably an Ace close by. Or, hopefully, a locally owned and operated hardware store.

If you do need to replace the tire, watch the video. It makes it look simple.