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Lawn Mower Tire Selection

Lawn Mower Tire Selection


Lawn Mower Tire Sizes

Lawn mower tires have a series of numbers molded on to the side just like any other tire. The numbers point out the details of the tire. There are two different sizing systems: two-number system, and three-number system.

Two-number Tire Sizing

Lawn mower tires using the two-number system display numbers as 4.80-8, for example. This means the tire’s width is approximately 4.8 inches and the rim is 8 inches in diameter. These are the only two numbers you need to find the right size replacement tire.

Three-number Tire Sizing

The three-number lawn tractor tires numbering system is just a bit different. 15×6.00-6 is a common size. The first number before the “x” indicates the tire’s diameter when inflated and not under load. The middle number between the “x” and the “-,” indicates the tire’s width. The final number indicates the width of the rim. Note that the last number is width, not diameter of the rim. This is always the case with three-number sizing for lawn mower tires and other garden equipment tires.