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Husqvarna YTH20K46 Deck Belt Aggravation

The Husqvarna was delivered with the complaint that the deck belt, the one that turns the blades, falls off the pulleys when the grass cutting ends and the deck is lowered. It sounded like a simple belt tension issue and I told the customer this. I was pretty confident of fixing this mower quickly as I have the exact same mower. I have had it for eleven years.

It is now three days later since the Husqvarna came in. In my usual modus operandi, I have worked on this problem off and on every day – probably over thinking the whole situation. I have removed the deck over six times I am sure, and have checked and rechecked every pulley, every spring and all retainers. I did eventually replace the belt tensioning pulley because it was a little weak. But, that did not solve the problem.

I turned my attention to the deck mounts and the deck attitude. The rear was adjusted all the way up and the front was all the way down. Needless to say the deck was rather tilted (slanted down in the front) and I had noticed that from the very start but I did not allow myself to get distracted. “No need to level the deck now. Gotta get this belt problem figured out,” I told myself.

Even stubborn old men like myself have their breaking points. I told myself that I should not let this one mower consume me. After all, there’s four or five more mowers here needing work. I took the deck off again. I measured and remeasured the belt. I rechecked the deck specifications and belt requirements. Then I took drastic measures and tightened the idler pully spring to the max and the blade engagement spring was maxed out as well. I replaaced the belt and the deck. The slack was not as bad as originally but was still too loose in my opinion. I decided to test it out by cutting my front yard. Here’s the video:


While cutting the yard, I remarked to myself that this was a sweet ride. The engine purred like a kitten and grass clippings were flying out the chute. The mower performed flawlessly and Vickie commented on how nice the yard looked. I drove the mower to the shop, cut off the ignition and dropped the deck. The belt fell off.

I decided to take a break and check on the security team. They were all on the patio fast asleep. I guess I could say they were guarding the Troy-Bilt Riding Mower I parked on the patio.

Big Daddy's Fix-It Shop Security Team Members, L to R: Sassy, Buddy, Sadie

Big Daddy’s Fix-It Shop Security Team Members, L to R: Sassy, Buddy, Sadie

Back to work. Maybe if the rear of the deck is brought down to level out the pulleys. It would mean that the skid wheels would need to be repositioned. Okay. Let’s try that.

The rear deck height adjustment nut is frozen with rust. I remove the adjustment rod and get the torch.

Big Daddy Pulls Out The Torch

Big Daddy Pulls Out The Torch

Time to quit for the day. I will give a report tomorrow.