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Troy-Bilt Mustang 42 Transmission Drive Belt

Transmission Drive Belt
If the transmission drive belt becomes worn and causes the drive transmissions to slip, the drive belt must be replaced. To replace the drive belt, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the deck drive belt from the PTO clutch on the,bottom of the engine following the instructions in Deck Removal.
  2. From beneath the rear of the tractor, insert a 2. 3⁄8” drive ratchet into the square hole of the drive idler bracket. See Fig. 7-8.
  3. Using the ratchet for leverage, pivot the idler bracket and 3. idler pulley away from the backside of the ‘V” belt; then lift the belt off and above the engine pulley and off the idler pulley.
  4. With the belt loose, lift the belt off, up and over the two 4. transmission drive pulleys. Remove the belt from the engine and idler pulleys.
  5. Loop the new belt and slide over and onto the two 5. transmission pulleys.
  6. Route the belt above the idler bracket back to the engine 6. drive pulley. Lift the belt over the PTO pulley and above the engine drive pulley.
  7. Using the ratchet for leverage, pivot the idler bracket and 7. idler pulley against the spring tension; then slip the belt down into the engine drive pulley and onto the idler pulley.
  8. Release the idler bracket so that the idler pulley tightens 8. against the back side of the belt and tensions the drive belt.
  9. Reinstall the deck drive belt.