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Happy Ending: Husqvarna YTH20K46 Deck Belt Aggravation

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Happy Ending:
Husqvarna YTH20K46 Deck Belt Aggravation

The Husqvarna Deck Belt Falls Off Saga: A Story of Heroic Achievement

The Husqvarna Deck Belt Falls Off Saga: A Story of Heroic Achievement

The Back Story

As I mentioned in the first article, The deck has been removed and absolutely everything has been checked except for the thickness of the paint on the deck. All seemed in order.

Close To Defeat

I was close to putting a smaller belt on the deck. The specs call for a 105″ inch belt. But, that would be treating the condition not the cause. Stuborness is a cherished family trait around here.

A Glimmer of Hope

I started going through some older Husqvarna literature and service forums and discovered this belt problem has been reported to Husqvarna as far back as 2013. Although I never found a recall or equipment change notification, I did find that a few aggravated service mechanics began to install shop-made belt retainers in critical locations. Then, I ran across a response from Husqvarna indicating that if the deck is properly installed and properly adjusted there should be no problem with belts dropping off.

Starring: BIG DADDY of Big Daddy's Fix-It Shop Fame

Starring: BIG DADDY of Big Daddy’s Fix-It Shop Fame

Treating The Problem Too Casually

I also mentioned in the last article that the deck arrived here with a noticable downard slant in the front of the deck and was somewhat unlevel athwart ship (from side to side of; across: a long counter thrown athwart the entranceway). I also noticed the anti-skid wheels were still factory set at mid level.

Success At Last

Once the anti-skid wheels were lowered and the deck height and overall attitude of the deck were corrected there has been no problem with the blade belt. I drove the mower around for five to ten minutes engaging and disengaging the belt. I raised and lowered the deck at engine cut-off. So far so good.

Or Is It?

I now think that what was happening was that since the deck was not level and was set way too low, when the deck was lowered the spindle pulleys actually pulled the belt off the engine pulley. The angle was too severe. Of course a tighter belt or shorter belt should work too. Let’s see how this one plays out. The customer will pick it up tomorrow.