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Big Daddy’s Fix-It Shop

Lawn Mower Repair Shop Mobile Alabama

An Important Message

Riding Lawn Mower Repair Services

A Step Back In Time


Big Daddy’s Fix-it Shop is old-school. We invite you to step back in time and witness a working couple’s work ethic meant to build trust and mutual respect. You can rely on us to be honest and truthful asking only a fair wage for our labors.

Who Are These People

Big Daddy’s is an at-home, small Mom & Pop business – husband and wife (Terry & Vickie) working from a shop in the back yard. We do not want to have a big business. We are both retired and our home business exists only to bring in extra retirement income and keep us busy.

What Exactly Do We Do?

Most of the time you get more than you pay for. In the process of performing the requested repairs, most small, but potentially damaging, conditions are repaired. If additional parts are needed or if anticipated labor charges are likely to increase you can expect a call from us. You will get no surprises from us when you pick up your equipment.

We repair all types of lawn mowers and other yard equipment regardless of it’s make, model or where you purchased it. No job is too small or too large, we offer seasonal lawn mower tune ups, specific repairs, engine replacement/rebuild or just simple blade sharpening. We service both walk behind mowers and riding mowers.

What Are The Benefits of Dealing With A Small Mom & Pop


  • We’re local and anticipate seeing you around town.
  • We are truthful about turn-around times. Our normal procedure is to take in repair and service work on a first-in first-out basis. We do deviate for legitimate reasons i.e., if your ox is in the ditch, we will help you get it out.
  • We have no rent, no employees and very little inventory of parts. It would be safe to say our prices are probably 1/2 or less than those that have these burdens.
  • We graduated from the school of hard knocks so you don’t have to pay the hourly rate of certified and factory trained technicians. We’ve already paid the tuition one way or another.
  • We offer limited pickup and delivery for a reasonable fee.

What Are The Drawbacks of Dealing With A Small Mom & Pop


  • We’re local and anticipate seeing you around town.
  • We accept work only if we feel we can return a quality service in an acceptable timeframe. We do not accept work just in order to keep you from shopping other service providers.
  • We have limited inventory. You can order parts yourself or we will order if we don’t have it in stock. Then, we all wait for our order to come in.
  • We may actually ask your opinion. Be prepared. Certainly you know your equipment better than we do. 
  • Our pickup and delivery service really is limited.
  • We may not be as business-like as you like. For instance, if it is cold outside, we do not work. If it is very hot, we do not work. If a grandchild has a birthday or other special event, we do not work. We do not work Sundays or national holidays. We do not work on our birthdays, our anniversary, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, D-Day or 9-11. We don’t bend toward the highest dollar. First-in, first-out, remember? Oxen keepers excepted.