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Honda ES6500 Generator Repair

Honda ES6500 Generator Repairs by Big Daddy's Fix-It Shop

Honda ES6500 Generator Repair

Customer moved to our area from Tampa Florida. When hurricane Sally threatened her visit, customer drove to Tampa to retrieve his Honda ES6500 generator which was in repair shop there. That shop told him that they had run the generator for two hours and all was well. They also claimed to have installed a new carburetor.

The generator would not start for the customer. Of course, he gave the Tampa repair shop a call. He brought the generator to me. The fuel tank was full of water and more rust than I though possilble to remove. I power washed the inside of the tank three times and dried it out. Installed huge fuel filter. Rebuilt carburetor which was full of rust debris.

Oil okay. Cleaned air filter, Added antifreeze to reservoir. Charged battery. Cleaned sediment cup and carburetor. Check spark plug and spark arrester. Replace fuel lines and added fuel filter. Found and removed dirt dobber mud from vacuum vents. Reoriented battery which was installed wrong and shorting out to frame.

Honda Generator Troubleshooting


First, you need to identify the correct cause of the problem or else you will not be able to apply any DIY techniques mentioned below. The most apparent faults in any of the model of Honda generators are described below.

The engine will not start. The most common reasons include the low level of fuel in the tank, low oil level, loose connections of the spark plug or spark plug not in good condition.

No output voltage. The primary reason behind the “no output voltage” is the overloading. Check the Overload indicator light.

No electricity at DC receptacles. If this is the case, you need to check the DC circuit protector. It’s Off condition might be the reason for no voltage at DC receptacles.
No electricity at AC terminals. To fix this issue, first you need to find the cause and the most prominent cause is the AC circuit protector is in “Off-condition”.

Big Daddy’s Fix-It Shop is a Honda Generator Local Repair Shop and uncertified Repair Service but I fix ’em anyway!