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Generator Repair Questions and Answers

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Generator Repair Questions and Answers



Please take into consideration that Big Daddy’s Fix-It Shop is a small mom and pop outfit. Our repair shop is at our home. Vickie and I started our business more as a neighborhood fix-it shop that may remind you of Emmett’s Fix-It Shop in Mayberry.

We have fixed hundreds of assorted items and requested last rites for quite a few too. Much like a restoration hobby, we take great pride in bringing stuff back into service.

With all that said, some people just want their stuff fixed. They do not care much for our old-fashioned work ethics – they just want their stuff to work. Okay. We can do that.

Here are some questions we get about generator repair.

How much does it cost to repair a generator?


Difficult to answer but most of our jobs result in repair bill of $120 to $180. The problem can be caused by the engine or the generator. We rebuild or replace a lot of carburetors after cleaning the fuel system. We normally replace all fuel lines and filters. Some fuel tanks are so bad they have to be power washed inside.

Generators, sometimes called alternators, can have several reasons for failure. Most cheaper units have resisitors and capacitors that have failed. The more expensive versions have voltage regulators that have failed. It is usually more expensive to fix the less expensive versions due to the type of work involved. More expensive generators only involve a replacement of easily servicable parts – expensive parts ($40 & up) but easy.


What Causes a Generator to Stop Working?


Most often it is lack of maintenance or old age. The number one culprit is fuel related. I advise my customers to turn off the fuel supply and let the generator quit due to lack of fuel.  Then…. turn of the fuell supply. This way when you tote the unit to storage at least the fuel is not setting in the carburetor and ruining it.


If you have a question about generator repair, leave it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Terry aka Big Daddy

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