Bicycle Assembly Services

I do a bit more than just sharpening - de-rusting, cleaning, adjusting and oiling as necessary are included with every sharpening service. I also repair loose slabs and pins. Drop off your damaged knife or email pictures with explanation of problem.

Lamp Repair

Restore, rewire, and repair old and new light fixtures.

Antique Radio Repair

I have been providing quality antique radio repair and for customers for over 40 years. I repair every brand of vintage radio from very rare and priceless antique units right down to the popular and more sentimental units, whether it’s a Zenith, RCA, Philco, Admiral, Crosley, Airline, or even GE.

Custom Lamps

Gun Stock Refinishing

Cutting it short doesn’t cut it… there are simply no short cuts in creating fine wood finishes. Essentials are: Thorough wood prep that prepares the wood for a new finish. Selection of finishing oils, hardeners and drying components to maximize a handcrafted result. Determining the best application technique to achieve the desired finish and high-end outcome. Time. It's not a quick process. Each coat applied is dried for 24 hours.

Gun Barrel Polishing ServiceShotgun Barrel Polishing In Preparation Of Cold Bluing

Gun Barrel Polishing Service

Shotgun Barrel Polishing In Preparation Of Cold Bluing

Mossberg 500 Polishing

Decision- High Gloss Blue or Matte Black?

Decision- High Gloss Blue or Matte Black?

A while back I purchased a Mossberg 500 shotgun because it was in terrible shape and therefore offered at a very good price. All the metal parts were rusted and had streaks of damage as if an acid or some other corrosive liquid had leaked on to the gun. I thought it would be a perfect subject for testing my patience and ability in restoring a very nice weapon. This video shows the final polishing of the tight spaces after the barrel had been polished on the buffing wheel using green buffing compound with a loose cotton buffing wheel.

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Cast Iron Restoration, Cleaning and Conditioning

I Can Make Your Cast-Iron Skillet Look & Cook Better Than Ever Before

After cooking in a cast iron skillet, do not use a detergent to clean it. That will destroy the seasoning (conditioning). Put hot water in the pan and bring it to a boil. Use caution here, do not put cold water in a hot pan! Let the pan soak for several minutes, then wipe it out with a paper towel. If something sticks, scrape it with a spoon to dislodge it. Do not use a brillo pad to scour it! An abrasive pad cuts into the seasoned surface too. Then, reheat the pan and apply a fine coating of shorting, oil, or lard. Do not apply enough to run. Just enough to wet the surface with a fine layer.

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